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PNG Defence Minister Calls for Collective Action Amidst Recent Disasters

In the wake of a series of earthquakes, floods, landslides, and king tides, Papua New Guinea's Minister for Defense, Hon. Dr. Billy M. Joseph, MP, is urging for a unified and coordinated national response to these natural disasters.

Dr. Joseph emphasized the importance of following established disaster protocols, highlighting the Disaster Management Act of 1984 which designates the National Disaster Centre (NDC) as the lead agency for coordinating disaster relief efforts.

PNG Defence Minister Calls for Collective Action Amidst Recent Disasters

While acknowledging the ongoing efforts of the NDC, Disaster Management Team (DMT), and Provincial Disaster Centres, Dr. Joseph stressed the need to set aside political differences and focus on collaborating to address the immediate needs of impacted communities.

With a focus on humanitarian concerns, Dr. Joseph called on all stakeholders, policymakers, and citizens to prioritize saving lives and supporting those in distress.

Recognizing the personal hardships faced by individuals and families, Dr. Joseph urged for solidarity, empathy, and compassion during this difficult time.

In a strong call to action, Dr. Joseph appealed to all parties to put politics aside and prioritize providing aid and comfort to those affected by the disasters. He reaffirmed the nation's commitment to upholding the principles of humanity, resilience, and unity.

As Papua New Guinea navigates these challenging circumstances, Dr. Joseph implored all citizens to demonstrate unwavering dedication to the well-being of their communities. He emphasized the importance of compassion and solidarity in the face of adversity.

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