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Government challenged to arouse PNG's "sleeping Giant" in tourism

The opening of the Tourism Conference this morning with the theme “Tourism for Development” has once again
highlighted that the Government needs to do more in Papua New Guinea’s sleeping giant Tourism industry.

PNG remains largely undiscovered as one of the last frontiers on earth, this is because its products and
destinations is undeveloped, the Tourism Industry alone in the country contributes less than 2% in GDP which is a stark
contrast to figures in the Pacific region which stand at 9-10 % according to recent UN reports.

“Tourism is no longer seen as a past time activity anymore but is now taken seriously as a development enabler, it’s also seen
as a vehicle that is fostering greater understanding tolerance and acceptance between communities, communities that are non related
like Japan and China who although have had differences in the past, through Tourism are fostering new relationships.” Said Minister for Tourism
Arts & Cultures Hon. Tobias Kulang in his keynote discourse at the conference.

PNG remains largely inaccessible because of its geographical and infrastructure challenges, over 85 percent remains in customary lands and under
developed and over much of the population remains unengaged in the informal sector and unemployed, adding to the diversity in the languages
this along with tourist attractions from diving to bird watching remains undeveloped and unexplored and more needs to put into tourism by the
government because this industry has potential to grow and underwrite the economic development of this country into the future even after oil and gas.

“If we want serious development in the country we need serious dollars, this is a very important industry, it is cost cutting that can
employ the masses over 85 percent of the people who are stuck out there, there is room for people that are technically qualified to the mums and dads
that are tending the garden to sell produce to feed the tourist that venture into this country, we need the volume in this country we need innovative people
we need industry player not to be greedy but come down and generate and generate the volume for the future and the Government must come down to the
table and stop taking the free ride at the back of the windfall gains of oil and gas gold and copper forever they must at last make the concerted effort to generate
growth in a sustainable industry like Tourism”. Said Minister Kulang in his closing remarks.


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