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AFP Officers patrol streets Port Moresby. EMTV Photo
Members of the Australian Federal Police stationed in the Nation’s Capital, today were out in the streets for their first patrol.

They are here as part of the Papua New Guinea-Australia Policing Partnership program.
Accompanied by senior members of the Royal Police Constabulary, members of the Australian Federal Police were out for their first patrol since coming into the country on Monday.

The police personnel were greeted warmly by the public. Some even had time to share a few words.

Assistant Commissioner and PNG Australia Policing Partnership Mission Commander, Alan Scott, said their first patrol was basically to meet the public and get to know the environment.

Assistant Commissioner, Port Moresby Police and Divisional Commander, NCD and Central, Jim Andrews who accompanied the Australian Police said Gordons was a good place for them to start.

The public in Gordons shared their views on the PNG-Australia Policing Partnership Program. EMTV

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