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Pastor arrested after ritual murder of 12-year-old virgin girl

Dr. Sign Fireman
A pastor was arrested and charged with murder after the strangulation of a young girl in an alleged
religious ritual, according to police reports in Nigeria.

Lagos Police said that the controversial miracle pastor Ofuche Ukoha, also known as Dr. Sign Fireman, has been arrested on Tuesday, after being accused of being involved in the ritual murder of the 12-year-old girl.

The incident occurred after a teen, who wanted to become rich, strangled the girl in order to get her feces for ritual purposes.

The pastor was implicated after an 18-year-old boy who was arrested, told police that the pastor instructed him to get feces of the girl. 

The teen said that he had always dreamed of being rich and had approached the pastor for advice.

After attending his church for many years, Fireman apparently told him that the way to get rich was to extract feces of a virgin girl. Fireman promised the teen N 100,000 ($630) for the assignment.

The suspect told police that he kidnapped a girl named Bose, the daughter of a poor woman.

Source: yourjewishnews.com 

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