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Travel Air flies into Oro

Third level Airline Travel Air will serve Oro Province daily.  Travel Air owner and chairman, Eremas Wartoto, said at the flight’s reception at Girua that the collaborative effort between his company and the provincial administration ensured that all requirements were met before the airline could commence its services into the province. Mr Wartoto commended the orovincial government for hosting effective discussions over the last couple of months which allowed for Northern Province to be chosen over three other destinations. “The positivity in the discussions is what brought your province ahead of Buka, Kiunga and Manus which are the three other places that we will open up in the first quarter of this year,” Mr Wartoto said. While thanking the leaders and people for accepting Travel Air into the province, Mr Wartoto encouraged the people to utilise the services, which he said were being offered at affordable prices. Member for Ijivitari, David Arore, while speaking at the occasion said the province was privileged to have had the company set up an office there as it would provide an alternative and affordable means of travel into the nation’s capital. “I would like to say thank you to Mr Wartoto and your company for having the trust in the people of Oro Province and establishing your business here,” Mr Arore said.

PNG Today / Post Courier 

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