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NRI mourns the death of its lead political researcher Dr. Ray Anere

The National Research Institute Council, Management and staff are saddened at the passing of their colleague and lead political researcher, Doctor Ray Anere.
Director Dr. Thomas Webster, issued a statement yesterday, conveyed their condolences to the immediate family, and relatives of the late Dr. Anere, as they mourn his loss.
Dr. Webster says Dr. Anere's passing as a loss for the country as a whole, describing him as a great intellectual, and a leading political scientist who gave the best of his time, expertise, and knowledge for PNG’s development.
He says Dr Anere was very passionate about his area of expertise and contributed immensely to the knowledge base in terms of political science including elections, political parties, women in politics, Governance in PNG, effective service delivery, anti -corruption issues, PNG Public Sector as well as National and Domestic Security.
Dr Anere shared this passion publicly by engaging with the media to set the record straight.
He offered comments and solutions on pressing development issues affecting PNG.
He always made time for the media as he felt they would press the issues better and would inform the public at large.
Dr Anere was one of the first Papua New Guinean to be awarded a Doctorate in Political Science in 1993.
He gave a greater part of his life to teaching and academia.
He spent 23 years with the Political Science Strand at the University of Papua New Guinea.
Prior to joining the NRI, he was the Chairman of the National Capital District Commission Taskforce, Ministry for Inter-Government Relations, Office of the Minister.
Dr Anere joined the Institute as the Senior Research Fellow and Head of the then Political and Legal Studies Division in 2006.
His work at NRI revolved around improving election systems and processes; and improving governance mechanisms at national and sub-national levels.
Dr. Webster says his contributions and unique insights to many development issues affecting PNG will be missed.
Dr. Anere also coordinated a report on sound governance framework for improving basic service delivery, and h was due for launch by the Deputy Prime Minister and Inter-Government, Relations Minister, Leo Dion, on April 9. It's now being deferred to a later date.
Dr. Anere was also looking forward to retiring at the end of this month and returning to his home province, Milne Bay, to work on a Governance Project that he had been thinking on for some time.

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