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University of Goroka Governing Council suspended

The Minister for Higher Education, Research Science and Technology has suspended the Governing Council of the University of Goroka, in efforts to quell student protests, find what is happening and bring normalcy to the institution.
The move comes after Minister Malakai Tabar visited the university over the weekend and holding various meetings with students, staff, the university administration and even landowners yesterday.
Student protests have been ongoing over the past three weeks, after they demanded Vice Chancellor Doctor Gairo Onagi to resign from office.
Several students, including the President of the Student Representative Council, have been injured in a stand off with police last week.
Minister Tabar will appoint an Interim Governing Council in the next two days, which will suspend the Vice Chancellor and investigate issues which led to the student unrest.
Speaking in Goroka today, Minister Tabar says his precedence in stepping in to take charge of the situation is poor, but is necessary and appropriate, to stop the situation continuing.
"We would like to bring the institution back to normalcy.
"The staff members both academic and non academic and I believe the whole student body they would like to go back to class.
"They're supposed to start yesterday, the 30th of August.
"They have now also agreed that we can allow ourselves to mediate the situation on the ground this week then we start proper the second semester on the 7th of September," Minister Tabar said.
Minister Tabar says, there's been eight boycotts under Doctor Onagi's term, and the investigation team will see if there is any link between these.
He also says, if the university fails to restart the final semester next week, the entire academic year will be canceled and students will have to compete with 25-000 other non-school leavers for spaces next year.

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