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Police to arrest those responsible for bashing Police officers

Waigani police in Port Moresby will be conducting investigations to apprehend and arrests certain individuals from the public known to police who were involved in the bashing of two police officers.
Following the major incident on yesterday where members of the PNGDF attacked the police station, which saw the public taking side with the soldiers and attacking the police, the Police Station Commander and his men have opted to have these men arrested.
According to NCD Police, the incident with the soldiers resulted from an incident two weeks ago were police officers man- handled an off duty soldier at a betel- nut market. When no proper response came from the police following the manner he was handled, the soldiers retaliated and attacked the police station.
Meantime, to deal with the soldiers involved, police say the matter will be taken up with the Army hierarchy to resolve this issue once and for all.

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