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PNGDF Soldiers to face Court - Martial

The PNGDF soldiers who were illegally stationed at Komo Airport in Hela after disobeying orders to return to base in Port Moresby will face court- martial after investigations are done.

According to the Army’s Acting Chief of Staff, Col.
Raymond Numa, the soldiers are now in military police custody and will be facing the military court after their action lead to the death of two of their comrades when they were engaged in an outside matter with the locals in the area.
"All the soldiers that were based at Komo, including their commanding officer are now in Port Moresby and investigations are already in progress," said Col. Numa.

Numa said the investigation will be conducted for a week and once the findings are established, the army will move to possibly charge the soldiers with mutiny and proceed on to the military court.
These soldiers from Murray Barracks Force Support Battalion took the Army to court for their outstanding allowances and refused orders to return. However, they were later disarmed and brought back to Port Moresby under guard on Monday.

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