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UPNG Students leaders permanently excluded from studies

As the University of Papua New Guinea prepares to resume classes next week on the 5th of September,certain student leaders who led the recent student protest have been given letters of permanent exclusion from the university management. A student leader provided  to the media , a copy of the letter from the office of the Pro- Vice Chancellor signed by the Acting Pro-Voice Chancellor Professor Mange Matui and served to a student leader informing the student leader of permanent exclusion  from studies at the University of Papua New Guinea.

Parts of the letter as quoted stated that “your conduct during the unrest is indecorous, detrimental to the interest of the university, affects peace and good order in the university community, and borders on criminality.”
Upon being permanently excluded from the university, the student leaders are now given seven days to appeal to the University Administration to continue with other students.
According to  UPNG Acting Chancellor Dr Nicholas Mann  this is the normal process that is taken by any institution when institutional regulations are breached. Dr Mann says those student leaders implicated will have to go thru the normal process of disciplinary actions to ensure that justice is done to guarantee the safety of students as classes resume....read more on >> PNG Education News Online

The students were given  two weeks to appeal.  PNGFM/PNG Today

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