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Polye saddened to see an old man evicted from his house

The story of a 94 year old man evicted from his premises and left to camp out on the streets in the nation’s capital has angered Opposition Leader, Don PombPolye.
Mr. Polye is also saddened by the turn of events in which the old fuzzy wuzzy angel’s belongings were burnt, his banana trees cut down and guns were pointed to him and his family.
Mr. Polye described such treatment of the elderly who has served the country in various capacities as “inhuman and those responsible be punished”.
“An innocent family is being denied access to their house and left to sleep out on the street all because of corruption at the highest level,” said Mr.Polye.

“I call on the Prime Minister to immediately instruct his Housing Minister to take immediate actions to prevent highest level of corruption within the National Housing Corporation that’s resulting in properties being obtained under dubious deals and sold to questionable characters,” said MrPolye.
Mr. Polye said innocent families who may have had titles in the early years are being evicted and many more are living in fear as a result of corruption within NHC.
Mr. Polye said those in authority such as NCD governor and members of Parliament representing the three electorates in the city must not ignore the fate of this old man.

“When the armed men illegally entered this old man’s premises and issued threats, he had to leave in fear of his life which I see it as ‘Walk for his life’. If NCD governor, Powes Parkop is serious about his Walk for life campaign, he has to step in to assist the old man,” said Mr. Polye.
“A real walk for life is where there’s help when a family’s life is under threat and venerable out on the street and not a politically motivated campaign using public office and funds,” said Mr. Polye.
He reiterated his earlier call on the Prime Minister to get his Housing Minister to intervene to stop this very eviction.

Mr.Polye questioned the validity of the order by Prime Minister to stop the sale of houses owned by the National Housing Corporation amidst allegations of abuse and corruption.
“The Prime Minister last month told Parliament he had ordered the stop to the sale of all NHC owned houses, how come officers of NHC are continuing to sell properties?” questioned Mr. Polye.
“This is an indication that PM and his housing minister have lost control of the NHC matters thus allowing corrupt officers to sell NHC owned houses at will,” said Mr. Polye.

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