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PNG Air first year of operation

PNG Air has completed its first year of operation after launching the new airline on 4th November 2015 with the arrival of the first of its brand new ATR 72-600 aircraft. Since then the airline has taken significant steps forward, ticking off every ambitious goal it had set itself for the first year of operation.

“In a year which was tough going for many businesses we have continued to make good on the promises we made when we launched,” commented Murray Woo Chairman of PNG Air. “We have brought in 5 brand new ATRs in the year, each one direct from the manufacturer, introduced the new livery and significantly upgraded our product and services.”
“With the support of our shareholders, MRDC and Nasfund in particular, we made the decision to work towards providing the best possible aviation service for PNG and I am proud of the efforts from all our staff to make that a reality,” Mr Woo added.
“We committed to bringing to PNG brand new aircraft because this country deserves the best and because we firmly believe that the ATR offers the best possible long term solution for PNG conditions and network requirements. We committed to upgrading our services and creating new routes because our customer base, the people of PNG, told us what they need and what works for them,” said Mr Woo.
“We take very seriously the fact that our shareholder base comprises grassroots Papua New Guineans who entrust us to move them around the country to connect with family and friends and for business.”
Over the past 12 months the airline has:
• Brought 5 brand new ATR 72-600 aircraft into its fleet;
• Renewed our Airline Operators Certificate for 3 years which represents a vote of confidence in us and our safety systems by the regulator;
• Opened up new services to Vanimo, Buka and Aropa;
• Confirmed the airline will begin international services to Jayapura from Mt Hagen;
• Opened new sales outlets in Lae and Port Moresby;
• Introduced customer service initiatives including SMS notification for flight disrupts, a Tok Pisin website and on-line check–in;
• Launched a staff share scheme to give our staff the opportunity to take a direct ownership interest in the airline;
• Arranged space for customer lounges at Kiunga, Mt Hagen, Tokua, Lae and Port Moresby which will open in the first quarter of 2017.
“It has certainly been an eventful year for the airline and next year promises to be equally exciting with more new services and product enhancements, and the addition of another 2 brand new ATRs into service. Our thanks go to an incredibly supportive shareholder base, loyal and committed staff and to the people of PNG who have shown their trust in us and who have supported us from day one,” Mr Woo said.
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