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NCD’s Metropolitan Superintendent Ben Turi claims Police did not beat Bus driver to death

No arrests have been made as NCD’s Metropolitan Superintendent; Ben TURI today claimed that the driver of the BUS 13 was arrested by police for running into a power pole.

Mr Turi further said that when on the way to the police station, the driver, Joe Kissa, died after he fractured his skull and died later at the Port Moresby General Hospital.
He fractured his skull when he attempted to jump out of the police vehicle into another vehicle at the back. His body was later driven to the hospital by a security firm.

For now Mr Turi says that police are currently carrying out investigations into the death of the bus driver to confirm the real cause of death.
Meanwhile a spokesperson for the drivers on strike this morning, Peter EKIP who was at the Unagi Oval today, gave another account of the accident and death.
Mr Ekip claimed that Joe was driving from Manu heading to East Boroko with passengers on board and took a wrong turn at the traffic lights in front of Bavaroko Primary school, which was when he noticed an oncoming police vehicle and jumped out of the bus and ran.
Police managed to catch up with him and drove off.

“Although he knew he was wrong and would be arrested, the running away attempt he did was not about the fear of paying fines or being locked behind bars.” Mr. Ekip said
Bus drivers in NCD say they will not operate for a week until an arrest is made after investigations. PNGFM/PNG Today
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