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PNG Opposition leader expresses concern on expatriate woman

The Papua New Ginea Opposition Leader Don Polye has reiterated his call for the speedy arrest and prosecution of the Member of Parliament, who is alleged to have given his car to an expatriate woman.
The woman is alleged to have been arrested after overstaying her visa, and for being involved in drug trafficking and other offences.

Mr Polye said, ”if we have leaders in the country who harbor expatriates who overstay their visas, perpetrate evil, and are involved in illegal activities, then our country is not in safe hands”.
He also said that according to reports, the Malaysian woman was driving a vehicle belonging to a Member of Parliament, who is believed to be a member of the ruling Peoples National Congress.

Mr Polye also said that if this is true, then our country is in the hands of a major coalition partner whose members have connections and ties with some sort of prostitution and drug syndicate involving expatriates and leaders, operating in the country.

The Opposition Leader also called on Prime Minister and PNC Party leader, Peter O’Neill not to try to bail out his PNC member, and urged the implicated MP to apologize to the country for bringing PNG’s reputation and credibility into question.
Mr Polye in conclusion commended the police for arresting the expatriate woman.
NBC News/PNG Today
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