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Opposition describes PNG Electoral Commission as a Rubber Stamp

The Opposition has described the PNG Electoral Commission as a yoyo, and a laughing stock to PNG and the International Community after reports of the deferral of dates for the issuance and return of writs for the National General Elections this year.

Opposition leader Don Polye said the previous dates set for the issue of writs on 20th April and return of writs on 24th July 2017 has now been moved to 20th May for the issue of writs and the return of writs thereafter and raises questions on the constitutional independence of the PNGEC office.
He said PNGEC is an independent state institution and must not be influenced by the NEC, candidates or government institutions.

He called on Commission Patilius Gamato to maintain and uphold the credibility and integrity of the office of the Electoral Commissioner and not succumb to NEC to run the elections as and when dictated by the PM.
“I call on the PM Peter O’Neill to stop using state institutions to serve his own interests and the interests of the PNC party.” PGNFM/PNG Today
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