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Polye stresses Importance of Quality Education

Opposition Leader Don Polye said that the quality of education for our children is important, and they must also be taught life long skills as well.

Speaking at the NBC National Press Club, Mr Polye also said that education in the country should not only be free, but made to be compulsory as well.

“So we need to look at a holistic approach to education not just free education policy.

"Our team will be looking at compulsory education but at the same time we are looking at quality in that we give quality education to our children so they get a life time job," he said.

"For all the students that come out of the institutions.

"Otherwise you have so many people who have wrong qualifications, don’t have a job to do, or they are not recognized internationally, and we find our jobs when abroad because we think the free education policy will help, it doesn’t," Mr Polye said.

"Free education policy without these areas lacks substance, we must develop skills in young people”.

NBC News/PNG Today
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