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Samoa bans Foreign Businesses from obtaining Customary Land

Radio New Zealand reports that a  village council of chiefs in Samoa has unanimously agreed to ban all foreign businesses on customary land.

The decision by the council of Siumu district on Upolu gained the support of all local business people and has now been registered in the office of the Lands and Titles court at Mulinu'u.

The move follows ongoing discussions within the village of council of Salelologa district on Savai'i who are considering a ban on all new Chinese businesses on customary land.

Siumu village chief Tuu'u Asofa'ase'e told RNZ, the decision was made to protect future business prospects for locals.

Autagavaia said locals agree with the reasons behind the ban.

"This matai Tuu'u Asofa'ase'e was saying the main concern with the district, the matai's, is the future of the local businesses owned by the people of Siumu. And also the future of using the customary lands which belong to Siumu," he said.

Source: Radio New Zealand

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