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PNG Department of labour and Immigration to be scrutinised

The  Papua New Guinea Department of Labour and Immigration will soon come under the spotlight for carelessly issuing work permits and visas to foreigners entering the country.

Northern Governor Gary Juffa, told NBC News, he will lay a criminal complaint against officials within labour department, and immigration for issuing work permits and visas without following due process.

Governor Juffa said such attitudes by government agencies is depriving locals from simple labour type of employment like drivers and cleaners which is not right.

"Just last week I confiscated three passports,which I then handed to the police commander, of three expatriates who could not speak a word of English.

"Their visas indicate that the company they work for is based in Moresby, what were they doing here? Were they communicating through a translator? That they were going to Kokoda to work there! Did their visa allow them to work there?

"How did they get heir work permits," he asked.

Mr Juffa said he will write a letter of complaint to the police as well as the Labour and Immigration departments.

"We are just issuing visas, work permits without proper checks and balances," Mr Juffa alleged.

"A lot of foreigners are taking up positions that Papua New Guineans could have."

NBC News / PNG Today
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