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The YumiFM PNG Musik Awards is back again and set for this Saturday the 29th April 2017 at the Lamana Gold Club, from 7pm to 12am.
This is the only event recognizing efforts of artists locally and regionally in 2016 for the last thirteen years since 2005.

“The YumiFM PNG Musik Awards came about after discovering there was no proper music industry or government support to recognize local artists for their contribution.”
That is according to the Senior YumiFM Radio Personality Turner “Kasty” Arifeae one of the founding members of the awards show.
Kasty added that the significant challenge each year is to have more females taking part in the industry and the YumiFM PNG Musik Awards.

“There are quite a number of female artists in the industry, who are talented vocalists and performers as well as gifted songwriters but they often lack confidence.”
“The challenge is to now encourage and support these budding artists and help them succeed in the music industry.”

In saying this, Kasty also made mention of the fact that the new trend of sharing new songs and tracks as having a detrimental effect on the music industry
“If artists want to be recognized, we urge them to get affiliated with APRA – the Australian Performing Rights Association and we are proud to say that PNGFM, Yumi FM, Nau FM and Legend FM are the only three stations in PNG currently registered with APRA.”
“This means that artists through affiliation with APRA via our radio stations, are paid royalties for each time their song is played.”

Kasty further urged artists not to sell themselves short and stop sharing singles via Bluetooth, Whatsapp etc. but to get paid their dues for originality and hard work via registration with APRA and airplay on the 3 stations of PNGFM.
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