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Mobile education program launched

Life PNG Care (LPC), in partnership with the National Development Bank, has officially launched the mobile education program.

The launching was held on Thursday at the Baruni road side, which is one of two locations that the program had been piloted in the last two months.

The program currently has 130 children registered; 50 attending the mobile school at Baruni and others at Gerehu Stage Six.

The curriculum used is the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) and elementary syllabus for beginners (ABCs).

NDB managing director, Moses Liu, said the concept of mobile education in the country is unheard of but seeing the positive response from the respective communities, and the impact it is already having on the children within these communities, gives a sense of contentment.

It is indicative that such programs have the potential to change the lives of these children, he stated.

The Bank’s partnership with LPC was forged two years back and together, they have hosted two successful fundraising dinners to support the charity group.

Meanwhile, Education Secretary Dr. Uke Kombra described the program as a noble and innovative initiative. He has committed the support of his office to partner with LPC to develop the program further.

According to Dr. Kombra, there are about two million children in school and an estimated 500,000 children who are not accessing education.

MEP is an LPC initiative that targets unprivileged children, between the ages of four to 14 years, with a new lease on life by taking education to their doorsteps. LoopPNG
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