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National Alliance Party spills beans against O'Neill Government

The National Alliance Party has vowed to form the next government and steer the country out from the current downward path the People's National Congress-led government is taking.

Leader and Treasurer Patrick Pruaitch said this when speaking at the Party's Induction Ceremony Dinner in Port Moresby last night.

Mr Pruaitch accused the current PNC-led government of literally running down the country through reckless and uncoordinated spending and borrowing, despite what he said was a good track record that the National Alliance had placed the country during its reign from 2002 to 2011.

He said people have lost all hope of an economic recovery under the previous PNC-led government before 2002, but the NA led-government thereafter, introduced economic recovery packages, and steered the nation out of all its financial and economic woes.

Mr Pruaitch also says the party under Sir Michael Somare's leadership, used its sound policies as their key ingredients to spread the growing wealth among the wider population and also created more jobs ever recorded in the country's history.

Patrick Pruaitch says with this record, they have decided to endorse a total of 76 candidates, which include 75 males and one female, to contest the 111 seats in the National Election.

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