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Parkop calls for respect during elections

The sitting Governor of the National Capital District, is calling on people to respect each other during the election period.
Powes Parkop, said human lives are more important than the elections because it only comes once every 5 years.
He urged candidates and their supporters to host clean and peaceful campaigns, and not to attack each other and their supporters.
Governor Parkop made this plea when speaking to reporters last Thursday.
“Elections come and go, M.P.s come and go but we have only one life,and we’ve got to protect and not sacrifice it to the extent that we lose our life, where it becomes fatal in whatever activity we engage in to support our candidate.
It is an LPV so it should be relatively friendly because you have three choices, you can choose three candidates and the third choice is as powerful as the first one.
So if you’ve got the first preference never forget that your third preference has the same power as your first preference ,” said Mr Parkop.
NBC News /PNG Today
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