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People warned of dirty money and bribery in the elections

A candidate contesting the Markham Open Seat in Morobe province is calling on voters in the electorate to be wary of dirty money and bribery in the election.
Former radio journalist and Coalition for Reform Party candidate, Elliot Raphael, told NBC News of his covert observation of a cache of money being transported by an individual out of Port Moresby recently.

Mr Raphael is concerned illegal money will be floating around in his electorate, if not in other electorates across the country as well, therefore he is urging voters to be genuine and responsible with their actions.
“So I am urging people from Markham where I am actually standing to be vigilant over this.
Any attempt to accept dirty money would definately bring a curse upon ourselves, and a curse not only in denying ourselves from the much needed development that we have been hoping for, but the fact that we will definitely be up against God, and that is not good,” said Mr Raphael.
Mr Raphael is among 25 other candidates, one of them, a female, contesting the Markham district seat.
Sitting MP Paul Isikiel, who is also the Housing Minister, is also looking for a second term in office.
NBC News – Kalvin Kaspar
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