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University of Goroka to bring 'Gown to Town'

The more teachers in classrooms, the less there will be overcrowding in schools.
This was the remark of Professor Musawe Sinebare, Vice Chancellor for University of Goroka (UOG)  during a press conference today at the Education Department, Waigani.
Professor Sinebare said the only way to address this is to increase the number of qualified teachers who graduate each year from UOG.

He added that currently on average, there are over 60 students to a teacher giving only one minute interaction time to spend with each of the students. Furthermore, seven to ten students are forced to share one text book each day due to the shortage of materials.

Chancellor for UOG Mr. Joseph Sukwianomb also present at the press conference added that UOG has secured extra land to build the “UOG City” to cater for Distance and Flexible Learning students from Mt Hagen and Honiara, Solomon Islands (SI). This will assist students from the Open campus in SI and Hagen or other provinces with the burden of flying in and out just for graduation.
He said Goroka campus which caters for only 1500 students is currently overcrowded by taking in 4000 students meaning 3500 are non residential.
Professor Sinebare adds that the aim of UOG is to bring the “Gown to Town” a slogan denoting the institutions aim of reaching out to greater PNG and in turn increasing human capital in the country. PNGFM : Photo by : Lawrie Hane

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