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PNG Elections : Port Moresby North East Supporters of candidates clash

Whilst the campaign weeks are winding down, National Capital District encountered several incidents of candidates and supporters clashing.
The recent incident was between supporters of sitting member for Moresby North-East Labi Amaiu and North-East candidate John Kaupa.

Supporters of Labi Amaiu, had reportedly gone on a rampage causing destruction to property and wounding bystanders at the Six Mile store-fronts recently.
The cause of the rampage is not clear, however, Mr. Amaiu told NBC news, the incident was provoked by supporters of rival candidate, John Kaupa.

Six Mile Police confirmed the incident to NBC news, saying they've received several reports from the public complaining of being attacked by Mr. Amaiu's supporters.
NBC News also saw an old man at the station reporting to police with bush knife wounds, claiming to be attacked by Labi Amaiu's supporters along the shop fronts at 6- mile.
In the process an innocent candidate for Moresby North-East John Robbin Bria's vehicle was also damaged, allegedly by Mr Aamiu's supporters.

In retaliation, John Bria's supporters blocked off the road leading up to Mr Amaiu's house at 5- mile Gordon Ridge, demanding an explanation the next day.
Sitting Member for Moresby North-East Lambi Amaiu denied all allegations, stating he is taking legal action against John Kaupa for provocations.
However, John Kaupa said, he has nothing to do with the incident.
Mr Kaupa told NBC News, whatever happened at 6-Mile market is a public place and he does not own the market nor the people there.
Independent Candidates John Robin Bria said he is an innocent victim of some undisciplined candidates.

John Bria said candidates who contest for national elections must demonstrate maturity as Moresby North-East seat is not a district in a province, were supporters can be encouraged to involved in ethnic clashes.
Mr Bria a lawyer and diplomat by profession said, if candidates wish to be national leaders and law makers, they must demonstrate their capabilities now.
However he said, some of our leaders are behaving like they are in a war zone and this is embarrassing as international communities are also watching, especially in the nation's capital.
NBC News/PNG Today Photo: Campaign rally at 8-mile settlement: By : Elah E
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