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Minister Zeming: Parliament is Five Years – Not 100 Days - Opposition Needs to Wise-up and Address Real Policy Issues

Deputy Leader of the People’s National Congress, Hon. Mao Zeming MP, has ridiculed claims by the opposition that they are so highly focused on the first 100 days of the new Parliament.

“These opposition members keep talking about what they will do in 100 days, but they have no plan for the remaining 1,725 days of the next Parliament,” the Minister said.
“They have to think longer than 100 days if they ever want to be part of a coalition Government.
“This 100-day idea is American media jargon and has been adopted in Australia, where policies are rushed through in 100 days to meet media cycles.
“We are not Australia and we are not America, we are Papua New Guinea.
“The opposition have to understand that running a country is not about cheap media stunts, and it is not about 100 days, running Government is about delivering clear and coherent policies over five years.
“Our Government does not live in the short-term media cycle, we deliver policy and legislation over the full five years of Government and this produces real results for Papua New Guineans.
“Through the Alotau Accord, our Government coalition delivered a strategic policy agenda that has changed lives.
“We delivered the key policies of free education and universal healthcare, we improved law and order and we undertook the most extensive infrastructure development in our nation’s history.
“We did this through the development and implementation of coherent public policy over five years of Government.”
Minister Zeming said the choice before the nation is clear, to vote for confused and inexperienced opposition members who have no plan, or to vote for candidates of the PNC-led Government and continue development in the nation.
“When we return to Government we will deliver legislation that was not passed earlier because of opposition political nonsense.
“ICAC will be established and the 2018 budget presented to the Parliament for debate.
“We will deliver taxation reform, we will create new opportunities for small business and we will create thousands of new jobs through investment in major new projects.”
Minister Zeming said there is a lack of knowledge and experience in the opposition, and their confused campaigns demonstrate their inability to hold any substantial office.
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