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No Child should be denied Education : PM O'Neill

The Prime Minister has made it clear that voters have a choice between keeping free education as promised by PNC, or to turn back the clock with the opposition who have promised to put an end to free education. The Prime Minister made the point when visiting Ialibu in the Southern Highlands today, which is where he attended high school.

“I have personal experience of how hard life is for families when education is not free,” the Prime Minister said to a large gathering in Ialibu.
“I went to school here in Ialibu, and I know how difficult it was for my Mother to find money for school.
“I look around here today and see many of my school friends, and we all know what a challenge it was for many of our parents to pay for school.
“We had to ask for help from our relatives and people in our village.
“I never want to see that happen to a family again.

“Poor families must be able to get an education just as much as a family with money.
“Those in opposition have already declared that they will end free education.
“The opposition will make parents pay school fees, and if families do not have enough money, their kids will be thrown out of school.
“In our Government we want the best opportunities for your children.
“Our country is now having an education revolution, and the only way this will continue is if the people bring us back to office so we can continue our work.
“We are educating children now so that they can go on to be a doctor, or an engineer, or a builder or a carpenter.

“There is no reason that a child from a remote village cannot go to school and one day fly a jet or construct massive buildings.
“I came from the village, but I was just lucky, while I had no shoes I had an education only because of the generosity of people.
“We must have generosity from the Government and give an education to every child in Papua New Guinea.”
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