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PNG Politics: Vanimo Green district no more home to PNG Party


Vanimo Green Electorate Secretary for ruling PNC party Bonifas Kolkia is adamant there is change coming for the people there.

He said Wednesday, April 26, 2017, marked the new chapter in the history of Vanimo-Green district, when a candidate, Mr Willie Obow Inaru, was carried on a bed by supporters for a kilometre to pay his nomination fees.

He was not a sitting member, however; he was given VIP treatment when he walked on a red carpet to the waiting electoral officials to be nominated.

After his nomination, he was escorted by his two wives to his waiting platform to be carried to a grandstand five hundred metres away to address his supporters and voters.

He was lead by 15 singsing groups, five large banners of PNC Party logos and flags depicting party leader Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s poster.

Again, he walked on a red carpet to the waiting crowd at the oval and grandstand, where he made his speeches.

It was the first time in the history of Vanimo Green electorate, since 1975, for a candidate to be given VIP treatment.

The electorate was claimed as the home of PNG Party, whose party leader was Belden Namah, shared by National Alliance Party.However, it’s no longer PNG Party. The walls of PNG Party were broken and destroyed beyond repair; PNG Party will never recover again, leading to its death in the electorate.

The magnetude of support Willie Obow Inaru was given was so huge and from all walks of life, from school- aged children to old people, people living with disabilities and the blind. The simple reason being because there was hardly no visible or tangible development in the electorate for the last ten or more years compared with other provinces and electorates in the country.
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