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Simbu burns extra ballot papers

More than 8,800 extra ballot papers from four of the six district's in the Simbu Province, has been burnt by the Provincial Election Steering Committee this morning.
The 8,846 extra ballot papers were burnt in front of international observers, scrutineers and security personeel at the Kundiawa Police Station, to avoid it falling into the wrong hands.
Simbu Election Manager Tom Sine said, this was done after checks were conducted on the number of ballot papers as per the preliminary rolls.
Gumine District had the highest number of 3,674, Chuave 2,584, Kerowagi 2,217, while Sinesine/Yongomugl had the lowest of 371.
Meanwhile, the Simbu Provincial Election Steering Committee Chairman and Provincial Administrator Joe Kunda Naur said, his committee has decided to stamp all ballot papers for the province, before distribution.
He said, this is done to ensure the integrity of the ballot papers is maintained and also dispel suspicion surrounding the entire election process.
This practice has been widely accepted by the candidates and their supporters in the province.
Polling teams have been dispatched to various polling venues in the province as of today, for polling to begin tomorrow.
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