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Police in Hela spoil attempts to blow up containers containing marked ballot papers

Gas Cylinders were found near the containers .
Getty Images. Sample gas cylinder 
A group of men who were believed to be supporters of a particular candidate in the Hela province stormed the Tari Police station at 5am this morning with the intention to destroy ballot boxes following the polling.
PPC for Hela Michael Welly said the men tried to break open the container that contained all the ballot box, however police were able to stop them before they could proceed.
Police were able to apprehend one of the perpetrators while others escaped.
PPC Welly assumed that the group of men planned to blow up the container that contained the marked ballot papers.
" We confiscated gas cylinders and other items that could have caused a big explosion so it is clear what these men were up to" said PPC Welly.
Meanwhile, counting for Hela is expected to start today depending on the arrival of extra number of security personals. PNGFM/PNG Today
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