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Resignation of PNG Elections Advisory Committee a Government ploy : Polye

The resignation of the members of the Electoral Advisory Committee, has been described as a deliberate ploy by the government, to stop them recommending a failed election in the country.
Opposition Leader, Don Polye is alleging that their resignation resulted from the government and the Electoral Commission holding back vital data, reports and information which had stopped them from doing their constitutional duty.

Mr Polye also said there is also glaring and unprecedented evidence from many provinces and wards all over the country of electoral roll discrepancies, polling schedule defects, ballot paper and ballot box interference, violence by police and defence force personnel and many petitions lodged by candidates that proves the elections have failed and would be more than enough evidence for the EAC to have no choice but to recommend a failed election.

The opposition leader also commended the members iof the EAC for maintaining their integrity and protecting the democracy of the people of PNG by informing the public, voters and candidates of their roles and explaining the reason for subsequent resignation.
He further said that this is yet another example of rigging of the election by the government, and a further blow to democracy of all Papua New Guinean's.
NBC News/PNG Today
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