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Telikom PNG ends buy 2 get 1 free data promotions

Telikom PNG has announced that it is ending the buy 2 and get 1 free promotions on  the prepaid data plans. The company  instead  is rewarding its customers  with  "Top UP and get rewarded with free data" promotion.  Frustrated customers took to social media condemning the  ending of the promotion.

One commentator said "Not good Telikom PNG, this is what's drawing more customers to sign up! Don't push them away!.!"  Another commentator said" Well that sucks.. Internet rate has also gone up..". Seriously?! Double data and 1 free was the reason why I bought data in the first place, waaaaay to go Telikom.

Others said, they will leave Telikom PNG  and go for other  internet providers that offer cheaper rates.  This was the reason I started using Telicom but looks like I'm going back. Ezekiel 
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