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Love leads to looting

A STORE was looted and the store owner was badly injured after his love affair with his girlfriend went wrong last Sunday.
On August 27 at Mambo Settlement in Goroka a group of Kafe clansmen from Henganofi district in Eastern Highlands numbering more than 30 attacked the store owner from Unggai-Bena district whom they accused of taking a primary school girl from their clan and hiding her for three days.
The Kafe clansmen then attacked the store owner (name withheld) and his father and they were admitted at the Goroka Base General Hospital and discharged three days later.

The clansmen went into the store and looted all the goods and items including a laptop, mobile phones and an undisclosed amount of cash.
It is alleged that last Friday the store owner, in his late 20s, took his girlfriend who is a Grade 5 student at the Faniufa Sacred Heart Primary School and for three days they stayed at his home.
The girl’s parents and relatives searched for her in the entire Goroka town and when they learnt that she was with the young man from Bena they contacted their clansmen from their village in Henganofi and they came in a truckload and attacked the store owner.
After the men from Kafe left on the same day last Sunday, the relatives and clansmen of the store owner from Bena retaliated and ransacked five houses of the Kafe people.
The Bena clansmen then speared and badly hurt an elderly man from Kafe and he was also admitted at the Goroka Base General Hospital and later discharged.
The disputing sides have agreed to hold a peace mediation and solve the problem because it’s a love matter between a boy and a girl and the families should not interfere. Sunday Chronicle/PNG Today
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