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Tribal fight, food shortage force school closure in Hela Province

Humburu Primary School, a government agency school in the South Koroba in Koroba Lake Kopiag District, Hela province is yet to resume formal class.

This is the result of shortage of food supply and tribal fight in the villages, between clans sharing the border.
School Head Master Agilo Wakia said the tribal fight in Humburu has prompted them to close the school after two classrooms and teachers houses were burnt down.

He said the other factor is the shortage of food seeing students leaving school to help their parents do planting during the short period of heavy rainfall.
He said food is an important factor in our lives and having no food to eat and go to school is a problem that needs urgent attention.

He urged the government to assess the situation address as a matter of urgency.
A spokesperson from the Prime Ministers Department said they have been made aware of the situation in South Koroba and have responded by informing the disaster office to assess the situation. PNGFM
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