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BSP Support UPNG EMBA Pinnacle in 2017

The student organised event will take place at UPNG and us delivered with the aim to showcase the students' research and the Masters in Business Management (MBA) program.

Bank South Pacific (BSP) is pleased to support professional development in PNG and has raised its hand to support the event with K10,000 as sponsorship. This sponsorship will go towards the University's 2017 Executive MBA (EMBA) Pinnacle event, a student organised initiative conducted by some of PNG's leaders in various public and private organisations who are taking the MBA program.

BSP's Head of Marketing & Public Relations, Ms. Gorethy Semi presented the sponsorship and added that, the bank was pleased to continue its support towards the program; a partnership that started in 2015."

 "We wish everyone success in this event and encourage participants to use this opportunity to learn as much as they can and take on a more challenging leadership role in this field of study," she added.

EMBA Pinnacle Coordinator, Dr. Suresh Babu Nagarajan received the sponsorship on behalf of the University and students.

Dr Nagarajan said that the university appreciates the support and work of BSP in the community and country.

He added, "This year's theme aligns perfectly with what BSP continually invests and promotes, which is "Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance of Business in PNG."

Your contribution as a corporate citizen will further assist the human development of this country and as the leading financial institution in the Pacific; I'd like to thank the BSP Management on behalf of the students and the University for this timely contribution.
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