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PM O'Neill launches 3G/4G Telikom Internet Services in Pangia

The cheaper and High Speed 3G/4G Internet Services provided by Telikom PNG is spreading across the country. Some of the centers already covered by the 4G network are:  Port Moresby, Mt Hagen, Goroka, Kundiawa, Lae, Wewak, Kimbe, Kokopo, Buka, Kerema, Madang and now Southern Highlands.

 Prime Minister Peter O'Neill has now launched 3G/4G Internet services in his Pangia district. The internet services will cover entire Ialibu-Pangia District.

At the moment Telikom PNG has one of the cheapest Internet in the country. Below is an example of their data cost.

      Telikom PNG                               Digicel                                 Bmobile-Vodafone
     Data         Duration     Cost

1. 15G            45 days     K250            13G   30days  K450             50MB      1day      K3
2. 10G            30 days     K175            5GB  30 days K110             150MB   7days     K5
3. 7G              30 days    K127             1.2G  30 days K68               350MB   14days   K20
4. 5G              30 days    K90               400MB  30 days K35          1.5G       30 days   K80
5. 3G              30 days    K60               6G   7 days     K135             3.5G      30 days  K150
6. 2G              30 days    K40               2.4G  7 days   K42               5G         30 days   K225
7. 1G              30 days    K25               400MB   7 days K20            10G      30 days    K375
8. 600MB       21 days    K15               150Mb  7days   K10
9.  400MB      14 days    K9                 60 Mb   7 days  K6
10. 200MB     7days      K5                  60MB   3days  K4.50
11. 100MB     5days      K3                  150MB  3days  K8
12. 60MB       3days       K2.                400Mb   3days  K15

Note: If you use the internet without buying any of the data plan above on telikom, you will be charged only 17t per Megabyte while Digicel and Bmobile-Vodafone will charge to more than 50t per Megabyte.

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