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Terema : Motorists fines to increase from K50 - K200

Motorists breaking traffic rules will see an increase in paying fines in 2018 from the maximum amount of K50 to K200.

Road Traffics Authority (RTA) Chief Executive Officer Nelson Terema revealed this saying this is to minimize careless driving and PMV buses not following routes, including not stopping at proper bus stops to pick and drop off passengers.
Mr Terema said RTA will announce when these fees will come into effect this year.

He also said that there is a need to monitor buses and their movements in relation to stopping at places that are not designated bus stops.
“This is really illegal and creates traffic congestion were PMV drivers seem to continuously ignore this,” he said.

“RTA Enforcement unit will be monitoring buses to minimize this in the city."
He also revealed that the enforcement unit will be on the lookout for Semi-trailer drivers who are not following certain routes given and RTA will be visiting logistic companies to give awareness on this matter.
Meanwhile, he added that RTA is in dialogue with the traffic police to minimize such incidents that occur.

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