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NZ offers condolences to PNG

NZ PM Jacinda Aderm
Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Adern has extended the country’s condolences both to the people of Papua New Guinea, especially those that are affected by the earthquake that struck a week ago.

New Zealand Defence Minister Ron Mark who visited PNG this week met with Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and several other ministers and relayed the message from the New Zealand Prime Minister Adern and the people of New Zealand.

“On behalf of New Zealand Prime Minister Right Honourable Jacinda Adern, New Zealand has extended its condolences both to the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill whom I met yesterday and Minister of Defence, Minister for Planning, Minister of Police, Minister for APEC – our deepest condolences for the loss of life,” Mr Mark said.

“New Zealand has a strong affinity and very high empathy towards Papua New Guinea right now. We have gone through all of these, we had the Christchurch earthquake…four years ago and we still going through aftershocks, loss of access to government services, loss of infrastructures, inability to move around, loss of lives, we know all of these,” he said.

“We know also it affects their health, if they weren’t directly injured it doesn’t mean they haven’t been injured, they are suffering a lot of mental health issues particularly in Canterbury with the ongoing consequences of the earthquake and we do not underestimate the challenges ahead of the PNG Government. We have reiterated time, and time again, if there are areas where we can assist we are here, just ask us and we will be there.”

“We have brought in or Hercules, we have brought in relief supplies from New Zealand, that Hercules has completed its flights on the first day of operation and that Hercules is being replaced – there’s another one coming in today which will carry on the good work, with the operation and I understand we have the medical personnel coming to assist your people and in our valuation, there are number of options we could possibly do and I have made it very clear to the Minister of Defence, Minister for Police and to the Prime Minister this morning that all they have to do is call and we will be there.

“New Zealand is working with Papua New Guinea and today an RNZAF C130 Hercules Aircraft carrying emergency relief supplies departed for Port Moresby.

“NZDF remains willing and able to assist as required,” he said.

“Papua New Guinea is a friend of ours and friends stand by in times of need.” Press Release
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