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PNG Air scoops branding awards

PNG Air’s re-branding program launched in November 2015 has been recognized by the 2018 rebrand 100 Global Awards.
“Every two years the re-brand awards nominates 5 companies which have demonstrated excellence in re-branding both in terms of strategy and execution,” said Paul Abbot, PNG Air’s chief commercial Officer.
“The five nominees are chosen from all around the world, and we’re delighted to announce that PNG Air was one the top five at the most recent awards, along with Hewlett Packard, Coty Inc, Cadillac and Bhutan Tourism.”
He said; “The award recognises the work done to develop a distinctive image and one that reflects the proud PNG focus we have for the airline.
Having design elements from around the country as key images on the delivery and uniform design has meant that people from around PNG can identify with the airline.
This goes hand in hand with our company being owned by a great range of Papua New Guineans through the shareholdings of Nasfund and the MRDC group in the airline,” said Mr Abbot.
PNG Air operates ATR 72-600 and Dash 8 aircrafts, with 470 flights each week serving 24 ports throughout PNG.
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