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Elias Samuel or Elbig Raingz as known by his fans has taken the music industry by storm with his hit songs like Bus Driver, Mimi oh and the latest one Ambuge Best Peren.

He has been nominated in four different categories in the 14th YUMI FM PNG Musik Award which will be happening tomorrow night at the Lamana Gold Club.

In an interview with this Newsroom, the 24 years old artist from a mixed parentage of EHP, ENB and Morobe said he is more than grateful to be part of the biggest music event of the country.

He said he just produced music for the passion of being a musician but he had never thought his songs will be big hits in the country and being part of the Yumi FM PNG Musik Award is something beyond his wildest dreams.

“ I started playing my first musical instrument which was a guitar when I was 18 years old and since then I never stopped producing music back at my home Markham valley, but I never imagined making it this far in the Music Industry”

Elbig said he got his inspiration from his father who was part of a small band that usually performed around the Markham District.

“I used to go around with my dad and his band when they performed around Markham so I guess my interest in Music started from there but I also looked up to other Morobe artists like K-Duman and others”

While many grade 12 school leavers searched for job opportunities or further studies, Elbig with his obsession with music registered at the Eyrie School of Music in Port Moresby after completing his secondary education at the Markham Valley Secondary school.

His first hit single “Bus Driver” featuring J Fox and Kande Dywane is about a PMV driver in Lae who had a hard time dating girls because of his profession.

“The Bus Driver song is about a guy named Jacob from Pangia and he told us about his daily conversation with girls he was asking out which they turned him down most times calling him a bus driver”

His current hit song Ambuge Best Peren also has a story behind the song which features a bit of Melpa language in thei song.

“A police man from Hagen working in Markham helped me to compose this song Ambuge Best Peren after his girl friend left him for another man and he also taught me the Melpa language”

Elbig Raingz will perform all his hit songs at the 14th Yumi FM PNG Musik Award at Lamana tonight. PNGFM
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