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PNG Parliament passes amendments on APEC safety and Security

PNG parliament building 
The amended APEC Safety and Security Bill was passed in parliament today, but with some resentments coming from the Opposition side of the house.
The Member for Sinesine Yongomul Kerenga Kua was concern about the bill giving immunity to foreign safety and security personnel from answering to PNG laws whenever any damages or injuries are cause to the public during any security situations that may arise during the two weeks APEC Meeting in November.
Mr. Kerenga called on the government to put a hold to the bill until there are some changes made to it that will guarantee the safety of the public.
However, the APEC Minister Justin Tkatchenko said otherwise, stating that the bill was done according to the constitution and the rights of people are also covered.
“All these legal issues have been addressed in a wide consultation with all international partners and we are now satisfied that the proposed amendments of the APEC Security Act will constitutionally and legally authorise foreign safety and security personnel to assist with the provision of APEC Safety and Security operation in the country,” said Minister Tkatchenko.
The Minister said the amendments seek to address some flaws in the APEC Safety and Security Act 2017. The new amended Act will allow foreign security personnel to deal with any immediate threat with reasonable force and also allow the use of foreign security assets like ships and aircrafts to be used for security purposes during the meeting.
Meanwhile, 21 developed and developing countries, including the US and China will be in Port Moresby for the biggest international meeting in PNG and it is of very high priority that security is at its highest level.
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