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‘Future Proof Your Home With Rhodes’

Rhodes is well known for its quality affordable homes that last a lifetime.  However, what is less well known is how Rhodes’ help PNG families ‘future proof’ their homes.  Combined with outstanding customer service it is little wonder that Rhodes are steadily growing their market share in PNG’s home buying market.
So what is ‘future proofing’?  Future proofing homes is all about designing and building homes in such a way that they suit families’ needs now and in the future, no matter what changes come along over the years.  Future proofing your home helps avoid unnecessary disappointment and expense in the long term.
“Future proofing homes requires the use of high quality and durable materials in combination with designing homes with the future needs of our customers first and foremost in mind” says Business Development Manager, Dave Mackenzie.  “Importantly we make sure that we build with only the very best Australian Standard materials, including top-grade galvanised steel framing, to guarantee that our homes last and maintenance requirements are kept to the bare minimum.  However, unlike other kit home companies we also design homes so that they can easily be added on to or extended to suit families’ changing requirements.”  These ‘add-ons’ include such things as additional bedrooms, bathrooms, verandas, staircases, and enclosing downstairs areas.
Future proofing your home is particularly important in PNG given the shortage of available freehold land and the considerable expenses associated with selling and buying property.  “Many people are keen just to get in to the property market and will be happy with a fairly simple 2 bedroom home to start with” explains Rhodes Project Manager Geno Ulu.  “But when a few extra kids come along and you want to spread out a bit more it’s good to know that you don’t have to sell up and move elsewhere.  Instead you know that your Rhodes home has been designed to make it as simple and as cost effective as possible to add another bedroom or veranda or to build in down below.”
Rhodes is perfectly suited to providing customers with the best future proofing solutions as it is a truly vertically integrated construction company. That is, Rhodes designs homes, manufactures the prefabricated (kit) components, delivers the flat-packed kit homes to wherever families want to build, and if desired, also constructs the homes utilising their own construction team.  “Our builders understand our product and how everything slots together perfectly so it’s very easy for them to not only build someone’s home in the first place but to come back to the same home five or ten years later to build a quality and affordable extension” says Mackenzie.
Rhodes is the only kit home specialist with its own in-house construction team and Mackenzie cites this as a key contributor to the high level of customer service Rhodes’ customers enjoy.  “Having our own in-house construction capabilities means that any problems can be easily and quickly fixed.  If you choose a kit home from another provider there is always the risk of the provider and the builder arguing over who is to blame for any mistakes and that can leave the customer with a stressful and often expensive problem.”  Ulu agrees, “for too long home buyers in PNG have had to put up with really bad customer service from the construction industry.  Fortunately, today’s families wanting to buy their own home have more choice and companies like Rhodes are leading the way with a very public commitment to put their customers first and provide them with the best possible service.”
Future proofing plus great customer service – what more could you want?  For more information on Rhodes homes contact them on 7263 7860, www.rhodesprojects.com. 

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