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EU supports reform of PNG procurement legislation

The Parliament of Papua New Guinea adopted today the National Procurement Act that amends the Public  Finances (Management) Act. These Acts are the most important reforms to the management of public  procurement over the last 20 years.
The PNG public financial management framework, including the new procurement reform, has been the  subject of extensive consultation, including with Development Partners, and is specifically designed to meet  the needs of the entire country.
Since 2016, the European Union has been actively supporting the Finance Department through the provision  of technical assistance in respect of public finance management reform. The European Union support has  substantially contributed to achieving the reform of the Public Finances Management Act in 2016, the Public
Money Management Regularization Act and the rollout to provinces of the Integrated Financial Management System in 2017 and now in 2018, the National Procurement Act and its consequential amendments to the Public Finances (Management) Act.
The European Union attaches major importance to the implementation of the Government of PNG reform agenda in matters of public finance management and will therefore provide further support for the implementation of this new procurement reform.
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