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The winner of the 2018 Miss Madang Quest, Leoshina Kariha, 18, will contest the Miss Pacific Island PNG Pageant (MPIP) for 2018 as Madang Resort Hotel.

Hotel owner and former State Minister Sir Peter announced the sponsorship of the first year Divine Word University last Saturday evening.
Sir Peter announced the sponsorship of the first year Bachelor of Arts and PNG Studies student at the hotel’s Haus Kibung last Saturday 25th of August.

Sir Peter presented K10, 000.00 as registration for Miss Madang Resort Hotel and said that there will be fundraising activities to raise enough money as support for Miss Kariha and her team of people who have supported her.

Sir Peter said he was proud and privileged to be given an opportunity to sponsor the DWU student.

Sir Peter felt it was a worthwhile experience for Madang to stand up and have such as wonderful candidate for the pageant although “money was short” in the country.

He felt confident in sponsoring Miss Kariha because of her ability, poise and intelligence to enter the pageant.

Sir Peter said Madang’s image suffered badly in the recent years and he hoped having Leoshina as an ambassador would restore the image of Madang as a beautiful place with beautiful people through her travel with the country as well as the pacific.

MPIP Chairperson Molly O’Rourke and Miss Pacific Islands PNG 2017 Niawali Twain were among those who witnessed the announcement and launch of Miss Madang Resort Hotel.

“We are excited to have Miss Kariha join us as she brings with her wisdom, elegance and passion for change beyond her years,” said MPIP Chairperson O’Rourke.

She thanked Madang Resort Hotel for sponsoring Miss Kariha, giving her a platform to grow and broaden her horizon and making her voice known.

“Because of your generosity, not only will doors open for Miss Kariha but you have given the gift to some of our young women who will be able to complete their tertiary qualification,” she said.

Leoshina was crowned Miss Madang in the Miss Madang pageant earlier this year, becoming the queen among eight (8) contestants.

The lass of mixed parentage of Autonomous Region of Bougainville and Central Province thank Sir Peter and Madang Resort Hotel staff for the sponsor.

“For me this pageant is a golden platform to use to change and shift hearts and mindsets to be open to possibilities above expectations,” Miss Kariha said.

Looking ahead, she aims to promote sustainable tourism while advocating for issues such as women empowerment and youth empowerment.

Among those is another DWU first year Business Studies student, Josie Nickolas, who has being officially accepted by MPIP as Leoshina’s Official Designer for the pageant.

Miss Nickolas impressed MPIP chairperson with her design for Leoshina eveningwear for the Miss Madang pageant as well as her Independence Wear designs.

DWU Professor of Humanities Maretta Kula-Semos who is mentoring the contestant and has been the person behind submitting Leoshina’s application said the University was proud of her entering the MPIP pageant. Prof Kula-Semos said she hoped this has opened the door for more partnerships in the near future.

Miss Madang Resort is the first provincial contestant to enter MPIP, securing a sponsorship outside of Port Moresby.
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