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OilSearch helps Young mother

“Mi no wanpla bikmeri tasol ol salim helicopter kam long helpim mi” (I wasn’t a VIP and yet they sent a helicopter for me).

These were the words of Roselyn Saruso of Kaiam village in the Gulf Province. She had just safely given birth to a healthy baby at the Kikori hospital after being flown from her village in an Oil Search helicopter.

Hours earlier back in Kaiam, Roselyn was experiencing labour complications and could not reach a health centre via road as high water levels made travelling unsafe for her and they could not travel by boat on the Kaiam river either as they did not have fuel. “My only hope was to send my relatives to the Oil Search Gobe camp for help.”

The Oil Search Community Affairs (CA) Drilling Support team immediately engaged the support of the medical team and sent word ahead for Roselyn to reach the Barikewa Road junction. There she was met by James Kol, Oil Search CA Drilling Support Officer who assisted her to the Camp. Upon a quick medical assessment, a decision was made to fly Roselyn on a helicopter to the Kikori hospital.

“When James told me that a helicopter was coming to take me to Kikori hospital, my husband and I didn’t believe him. Within minutes, we heard the loud sound of the helicopter and knew they meant what they said.”

On board the helicopter was a midwife medical team from the Oil Search Moro clinic who provided further support. Roselyn and her husband were flown to the hospital where she gave birth to a healthy girl that afternoon. They stayed in the hospital for four days before they returned home to Kaiam.

“I have no experience and no way of delivering a baby at home so I do not know if my daughter and I would have survived. On behalf of my family at Kaiam village, thank you Oil Search management and the medical and community affairs teams particularly James Kol. We will never forget this.”
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