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Governor's Cup Tournament called off

PNGFM Photo credit 
NCD Governor’s Office has distanced itself from the prestigious Governor’s Christmas Cup tournament following its direction relayed to officials on Wednesday to call it off fell on deaf ears.

Responding to a news report on a daily newspaper that the Morata Rugby League officials launched the governor’s cup, Project Manager John Makop said the tournament was called off mainly due to acquittals from previous sponsorships were messy, the cup will be properly factored into the year plan of NCDC’s Sports Desk, no proper and advance planning and there is a friction between two factions who are bidding to manage the tournament.

“I relayed the direction from our Governor that he has instructed me to call the tournament off. However, I learnt that it went ahead defying the direction.

“If they still want to go ahead then let them do so. Our position is very clear. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused. We cannot do much. We urge the officials and the teams to bear with us.
“We do not want to add fuel to the flame,” he said.

Mr Makop said the mediocre way of organizing the tournament should be done away, adding they were planning for a much bigger and better one next year.

That means,he said, residents will be treated to professional games with the presence of police, new venue, insurance cover for teams, marshals, entertainment, St.Johns Ambulance and each player has to be medically certificated to play on parwith NRL standards in Australia.

He said the office is drawing a fine line to tell spectators and participating teams that they would not be blamed should there be any problem encountered during the challenge.

However, Morata Rugby League officials launched the cup at Kone Tigers Oval on Wednesday.
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