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Forgive and Forget : PM O'Neill

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill wants all Papua New Guineans to put aside personal differences and make positive contributions this Christmas.
In his Christmas message to the nation, Mr O’Neill, who is spending Christmas in his Ialibu- Pangia electorate, stressed that the future of PNG is in every ones hands. “It is my pleasure to extend to you my best wishes for a safe and happy Christmas. “We must put aside personal differences and make positive contributions. The future of our Nation is in our hands.
“At Christmas we also think of family members and friends who are away for work and family reasons.
“As a Christian nation, Papua New Guinea, and communities’ right across our country, hold christmas with great significance,” he said.
It is a time to celebrate the birth of Christ, and the contribution Christianity makes to the life of our nation.
This is a contribution that continues to grow in value and importance.
“I am proud that our government has continued to grow our very important partnership with churches. This is especially important in the delivery of education and healthcare for our people.”
He said direct financial support from the national budget has enabled church schools, and colleges to play a vital role in school and vocational education and training.
“Our churches also contribute positively to university level education in a way that enhances the opportunities for higher education for young men and women across the nation.
“This is a contribution that is made with wonderful dedication and compassion by churches right across the nation and we will continue to deepen this relationship.
“But our churches and church leaders play a much wider role in the life of our nation – in family life support, community development and other areas vital to increasing our living standards,” he said.
“Our government supports this vital work and also funding we give to Christian based groups such as the YWAM Medical Ships Program. This Christmas, I urge you to remember and give your personal thanks to our Church Leaders and workers who contribute so much.
“We live in a fantastic country, blessed with rich culture and tradition.
“We are a people who are unified in our diversity.
“Every one of us who calls Papua New Guinea home must work together and make our contribution to advance our nation.
“We miss their company, and spending time together, and I hope we will all soon be reunited with friends and family who are apart.
“Importantly, we remember friends and family who have passed since the last Christmas. Particularly those lost in the highlands earthquakes. They will be very much missed when we sit down to family meals and attend Church this Christmas.
“May God continue to bless the people of Papua New Guinea this Christmas.
I again wish you, and your family, a happy and a safe Christmas...Statement
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