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Mother & Son burnt in Police Barracks fire started by Criminals in PNG's Alotau

The remains of an adult woman and her child were uncovered in the rubble as clean up work to the burnt houses at a Police Barracks in Alotau, Papua New Guinea began today.
Six units at the Police Barracks at Bottom Town in Alotau were set alight by criminals on Wednesday evening, it was initially thought everyone had evacuated the barracks.
It’s been revealed the adult female is the sister of a serving Police Officer from Goodenough Island, her remains were uncovered alongside her four year old son.
Provincial Police Commander chief inspector George Bayagau today says workmen from PNG Power, the Alotau Fire Service and a few other service providers were clearing up debris at the barracks site when they made the discovery.
“In the process, unit six being cleared by PNG Power personnel found the remains of the child. We called in police investigators to the scene to conduct investigations and to retrieve the body, however before they arrived, we stumbled upon the adult woman's remains towards the bathroom area of the unit. We've established it was a mother and son, their father was alive and had been searching the town for them. He told us he was certain it was his wife and son”.
He says they may have likely opted to stay indoors during the gun battle with Police and criminals on Wednesday evening out of fear and were caught in the fires when the houses were torched.
The Alotau Provincial Hospital management confirms the remains are of an adult female and that of a boy child of about 4years old, were delivered to the hospital morgue today.
It’s another tragedy from the Wednesday altercation between Police and criminals in Alotau.
Meantime, the families of Police Officers whose homes were razed, are being assured they will be settled in temporary shelter while waiting out the next course of action by government to their predicament.
The Provincial Law & Order meeting was convened at 3.30pm this afternoon and is currently underway.
We gather at this meeting, of Milne Bay's political leaders, only the Minister for Justice & Attorney General and Esa'ala MP Davis Steven is in attendance.  Police Media

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