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Tehani Brown confirms move to cross the floor to join Cook Islands Government

Cook Islands youngest member of Parliament, Tehani Brown has issued a public statement confirming her move to cross the floor to join the government led by Prime Minister Henry Puna.

"To put it simply, my people of Tengatangi, Areora and Ngatiarua voted for me to represent them in Parliament. It is my responsibility to honour the wishes of my people and by supporting the government of the day I am doing exactly that.

"This isn’t about doing what suits me or what suits those who are against this decision. It is about doing the right thing. I wouldn’t be here if it were not for my supporters and of course their needs come first. I think some of us may have forgotten that. A stable government is what we need today so that the machinery of government can continue to operate and to ensure that the good work and projects aren’t disrupted, said Brown.

"We want to get work done, and we want it done now. Therefore, with the support of my committee, I have decided to support the government of the day, and do whatever is necessary to continue to provide for the people of Areora-Ngatiarua-Tengatangi and Enuamanu as whole by working alongside my mother.

"If my people want me to join government, and the benefits of doing so outweighs the bad, then of course why not. I know that politics can be a tough business, I am prepared for it. To my critics, I encourage you to run for your people in future so you can serve them with the same values that I have, said Brown.

Brown was voted in on the Democratic Party ticket.

Her decision means PM Puna and his Cook Islands Party have a slim majority of one vote over the opposition..


Photo: Radio Cook Islands FB

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