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Malido aircraft leased by Samoa Airways arrives Friday

The Malindo Air 737-800NG aeroplane that will temporarily service Samoa Airways flights is expected to land at Faleolo International Airport Friday morning.

This was confirmed by the Chief Executive Officer of the Samoa Airways, Seiuli Alvin Tuala.

Seiuli said the Malindo aircraft has been leased by Samoa Airways for six months and will cater for Samoa, New Zealand and Australian routes. The aircraft is scheduled to make its first flight to Australia on Saturday morning, at the latest.

Securing the Malindo 737-800 aircraft follows weeks of uncertainty over the safety of Boeing aircrafts and global groundings of the Boeing Max 8 aircraft after two high-profile international flight disasters. Questions over safety have impacted other Boeing models including a brand-new Max 9 model which had been secured by Samoa Airways and was meant to be in operation this month.

Seiuli said that safety is the topmost priority and Samoa Airways adheres to aviation laws. Samoa Airways will run one flight to Sydney and one flight to Brisbane every week.


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